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Variable Data Printing

Add the Power of Personalization to Direct Mail

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Do you want to increase attendance and sales at your next auction?

Introducing, Variable Data Postcard Printing (VDP) for the auction industry.

  • Dramatically capture attention: Direct mail postcards that features asset images personalized to your individual buyers real interest.
  • Drive up response rates: Use a "personalized first name call to action" to immediately get them to engage with your mail piece.
    • Instantly grab buyers' attention and create a sense of urgency.
    • You'll create more interest in the auction when you showcase the specific assets they really want to purchase.
    • Personalize ANY type of auction. Including Farm Equipment, Personal Property or Real Estate and Land.

We make it easy and it is affordable!

Add up to 3 variable asset images and personalized first name call to action for a flat $50. Or add just a personalized first name call to action for a flat $25.

Let the Print & Mail Auction Marketing Specialists at Shearer help you add variable data printing to your auction marketing mix. Submit the form below and we will contact you to provide more information.

The Power of Personalization

"Variable Data is the future of direct mail. Having the power to personalize a piece to a recipient's interests and buying habits is unprecedented in print media. Since we have only a couple of seconds to capture attention, it is crucial to make a first impression that stops the recipient in their tracks. Variable data printing increases a marketer's chance of doing that by creating a piece tailored to each reader."

- Ryan George, Biplane Productions